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Welcome to Harvester Coffee

We are opening a coffee shop with crepes and smoothies and lots of other cool things to eat and drink. The concept has been developed over the last few years based on all the coffee shops we have seen around the world and we wanted to bring it here for you to try. Now seems to be the perfect time for that with limited travel opportunities.

The remodel is ongoing right now and we will post updates on our progress towards out target opening date of mid June.

In the meantime coffee is already arriving from all the warm places. Those are called the Coffee Belt for a very good reason. Here is the shipment from my good coffee roasting friend Steve in Laos.

And tea of course. Some wonderful teas that grow on 200 year old trees and one has to actually climb the tree to pick the leaves. There are no machines to to do that.

See you in June. Pure Vida.

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