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Blue Zone of Nicoya Coffee Part 2

Just a few miles from the cooperative that we visited the day before, you will find "Diria Coffee Tour" plant. it is another cooperative that processes coffee from the local farmers in addition to providing coffee plant tours to tourists.

They have a nice cupping setup right in their show room where one can taste the coffees they sell onsite.

We have tried several types of coffee and chose two that we found really wonderful.

While both types come from the same beans, the process is quite different.

The first is called Proceso Matambu. It has a perfect balance between acidity, body and aroma.

We ordered a limited quantity of this wonderful blend and you will be able to try it at the shop.

The second is called Black Honey. This one uses a Honey Method of processing coffee cherries; The coffee cherries are pulped, however, some of the some of the mucilage ("honey") on the bean is left before the beans are dried for a couple of weeks in the sun. This is a fairly rare process of processing coffee, however, it is very common here in Costa Rica. The result is slightly higher acidity compared to the washed method.

We grabbed a few pounds of this coffee and will setup a cupping event at the shop for you to try it.

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