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Blue Zone of Nicoya Coffee

If you are into into coffee, then you have heard about the famous Arabica beans from Tarrazu of Costa Rica. No doubt Tarrazu has great coffee grown at high altitudes if you like the acidity of the beans, I have always liked the less acidic coffee and has been on the look out for places that grow that kind of bean. They are harder to find than one might think however.

One of the places that we visited in search of that kind of coffee is in the mountains of Hojancha, Guanacaste in the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica. The area is know as the Blue Zone where many people live to 100 years or more.

There are a couple of cooperatives where local coffee growers bring their harvest for processing. We met with the head of one of those cooperatives who was very kind to give us a tour of the coffee finca where they are experimenting with new varieties of coffee.

We also visited the coffee processing facility that processes the coffee beans from local farmers.

The guy on the left is their super awesome roaster and made us some dark roast to try. It was absolutely awesome to meet these people and learn from them.

We are going o bring a small batch of that coffee for you to enjoy !

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